February 2019

Crocuses popping up everywhere!
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February is here, and with it came a bit of snow.  We have spring bulbs popping up all over town suggesting Spring is coming soon! We are experiencing cold temperatures and may for a little longer yet.  But, it is all positive because this means we can continue to wear all our fabulous hand knitted accessories.



Applegate Hat by Brenda York

This colorwork hat pattern is knit with one ball of Berroco Ultra Wool Fine and one ball of Berroco Millefiori Light

Berroco Ultra Wool Fine
100% superwash wool, fingering weight
26-30 sts, 440yds (366m), 100g

5310 Alyssum 5329 Butternut 5334 Cast Iron 5350 Chili
5301 Cream
53154 Denim 

53104 Driftwood

5362 Fig 
53108 Frost
53170 Granite
53153 Heather

53157 Lavender

5365 Maritime

53152 Ocean 

53149 Pine 

53158 Rosemary 
5300 Snow


53145 Sour Cherry 

53122 Sunflower


53139 Verbena


Alikae, by Alison Green

Just one ball of Ultra Wool Fine makes this gorgeous scarf.
55" x 9"


Kaleah from Booklet 403 Ultra Fine Wool

A Classic intermediate shawl with a garter stitch body and a lace pattern edging.  Takes just one ball of Ultra Wool Fine.  Measures 64" across and 27" deep.

Kalona by Alisson Green

Knit with col. 53147 Ultra Wool Fine

Grouse Creek by Amy Christoffers

A classic stranded colorwork sweater knit with Ultra Wool Lite and Millefiori light.  The Millefiori Light makes for easy colorwork because there is no need to use multiple colors.

New Embroidery Kits 

These embroidery kits are soooo cute!  They have an innocence about them.  Frame them or hang them in the embroidery hoop used to stitch them.

Winter Fairy

Kit Contents

Happy Thoughts

Windy Leaves

Two Girls With a Secret

Hoops available in sizes 4", 5", 6.25", 7.5", 8.75", 10
and 12"

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

Lily Staying Warm

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