New Button Items

More great buttons have arrived

Owls: 3/4", Leaves: 1 1/4" and fancy 2-hole: 5/8"
.80 cents each

These beautiful leather "button" fasteners work wonderfully with knitted garments.  No need for button holes:

Leather Latch Closures that fasten on each side are available in Black or Chocolate.

We have some very cool new buttons in the store.  Don't these just remind you of Kaffe Fassett, or Klimt artwork?

Other styles of these little works of art in store.

Beautiful, hand painted buttons.  Use the maple leaves as a great embellishment.  The ones pictured below are perfect for turning into a unique pendant for someone special.

Too many to show here.
We will have more button up on the website
in the next few months.

New Shawl Pins

These unique shawl pins are perfect for holding your shawl in place.  Carved from Deer Antler here on Vancouver Island.  Deer shed their antlers every two years (no animals were harmed!)



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